QF Hawiyati Card

Service description

Through this service, WCM-Q employees can submit a request for the Hawiyati Card issued by Qatar Foundation (QF). This card is an all-in-one security card to access QF facilities and benefits. Additional information about the benefits of the card can be found in the QF+ Maktabi Portal.


Service Audience

WCM-Q employees


How to request

1.  Download and complete the form from the attachments section of this page.

2.  Obtain a digital passport size photo of yourself with white background (jpg format)

3.  Obtain a valid scanned copy of your QID (front and back sides scanned in one side of an A4 size paper)

4. Click on the REQUEST SERVICE button, complete the fields and attach the completed form, photo and scanned QID.


Note:  The submitted documents will be deleted immediately in the ticket

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