My Recently Visited Services

Through this service, WCM-Q employees can submit a request for the Vehicle Access Tag issued by Qatar Foundation (QF). This tag allows WCM-Q employees' vehicles to access Education City.

Request to install software or application such as Office365, Box, Adobe, and more, including applications purchased through Apple School Manager or CU [Cornell University] store.

Miscellaneous finance services.

This option is only to report any issues with your WCM-Q supplied applications and operating system. For example, unknown operating system prompts, applications misbehaving, data that appears strange or does not save, other unexpected behavior originating from the software on your device.

Click here to request to register in a Qatar Elective

Through this service, WCM-Q employees can notify QF security teams about visitors, attendees of events/trainings/meetings, and deliveries.

Request a new computer, mobile device, printer, or other ITS equipment.

Only for requests for facilities services that are not covered by other service request categories.

Research Lab Requests Services related to Equipment Failure.

Request help or report issues with anything related to WCM-Q websites and SharePoint intranet sites.

Add a new telephone or new line, or make changes to existing

Need help with a login/password/MFA issue? Open a ticket to request assistance from ITS.
Please note that for this service we will necessarily ask you for a zoom video call where you have to present an official photo ID.

Request FHSS and ITS room aligned services for visiting faculty.

Having VPN access allows you to use resources only available on the WCM-Q network, regardless of where you are or which network you are connected to.

Any services requiring combined efforts of FHSS and ITS that are not covered by the other services.

Event websites are tailored for any WCM-Q event, they follow a same design and layout however divisions can manage the content as per their needs.

Advance Computing service related to Administration.

Through this service, WCM-Q employees can submit a request for the Hawiyati Card issued by Qatar Foundation (QF). This card is an all-in-one security card to access QF facilities and benefits. Additional information about the benefits of the card can be found in the QF+ Maktabi Portal.

Procurement for Printing & Books, Consulting & Agreement requests and renewals, Event (Logistics, Marketing, Catering, Adverts), Furniture, Promotional Items, ITS license renewals and subscriptions, Lab Supplies, Equipment for Labs and ITS Hardware, Maintenance, Office Supplies, Pantry Supplies, Fabrication/ Fitouts and others.

Use this option to request a copy of your MSPE (Dean's Letter).

This is for requesting procurement card (PCARD) services.

The forms for PCARD allocation and application are attached on this page. Please download, fill up and attach to a new service request to proceed.