Use this option to get access or report issues with existing software and apps.

Services (4)

Report a software issue

This option is only to report any issues with your WCM-Q supplied applications and operating system. For example, unknown operating system prompts, applications misbehaving, data that appears strange or does not save, other unexpected behavior originating from the software on your device.

Request application from WCM-Q catalog

Request to install software or application such as Office365, Box, Adobe, and more, including applications purchased through Apple School Manager or CU [Cornell University] store.

Request Training

Request training for WCM-Q supported software and application.
Scheduling of training dependent on license eligibility and trainer availability.

Software Tech Pre-Approvals

Request for any new software that is not listed in our WCM-Q catalog.
For the existing list of softwares provided in WCM-Q catalog, please refer to the Sharepoint page