Popular Services

This option is only to report any issues with your WCM-Q supplied applications and operating system. For example, unknown operating system prompts, applications misbehaving, data that appears strange or does not save, other unexpected behavior originating from the software on your device.

Through this service, WCM-Q employees can notify QF security teams about visitors, attendees of events/trainings/meetings, and deliveries.

Only for requests for facilities services that are not covered by other service request categories.

Request to install software or application such as Office365, Box, Adobe, and more, including applications purchased through Apple School Manager or CU [Cornell University] store.

Through this service, the WCM-Q community can submit a request for a WCM-Q Proximity Card. Replacements and changes of access rights can also be requested via this service.

Information Technology Services can provide assistance in tagging your newly purchased devices, disposing of devices, setting up and troubleshooting laptops including exam laptops. As well as recommending a device for your requirements in line with the WCMQ standard specifications and models.

This request will allow you to request for FHSS support on all on WCMQ premise and WMCQ related events on the QF campus.

Click here to request to register in a Qatar Elective

Request a mailing list that facilitates the widespread distribution of information.

AV technical support using the latest AV technology in Lecture Halls, Seminar Rooms, Conference Rooms, Labs – Anatomy, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Clinical Skills Simulation Lab. Online support using Zoom & MS Teams.

Submit problems related to physical malfunctions with your computing environment. Device not starting up, Strange screen appearance, keystrokes missing, unexpected sound and similar issues. Physical problems with printing devices such as paper transport jams, printing streaks, incorrect stapling.

Request a new computer, mobile device, printer, or other ITS equipment.

Install a new or existing printer, local or shared. To provide a toner for office printer only.

Miscellaneous finance services.

Space Allocation Request Form(SARF) initiated space and computing setup for people. A mandatory required document is the filled up and approved SARF form.

Need help with a login/password issue? Open a ticket to request assistance from ITS.
Please note that for this service we will necessarily ask you for a zoom video call where you have to present an official photo ID.

Through this service, WCM-Q employees can submit a request for the Hawiyati Card issued by Qatar Foundation (QF). This card is an all-in-one security card to access QF facilities and benefits. Additional information about the benefits of the card can be found in the QF+ Maktabi Portal.

Wired/wireless connectivity options for students, faculty, and staff.

Request to change the title, division, manager, display name, location, etc. password reset [Qatar and NY], etc.

Request a person to be offboarded

Note to Requester: It is the responsibility of the requester to ensure that the office selected for the relocation is a designated space that can be allocated and that they have all the required Division approval to allocate the space.

Please also note that any changes to open and/or common areas must be requested via a SARF.
Please review the relevant space allocation policies on the WCM-Q intranet.

ITS Service Level Expectation: ITS will move users, ITS owned equipment to designated office on WCMC-Q campus.

ITS will complete the required move within 7 days of receiving a ticket with approval,provided the required electrical and network ports are in place in the new location.

For further information on ITS Service Level Expectations (SLE) please click here: https://wcmq.sharepoint.com/policiesforms/Pages... technology-services-policies.aspx

Request for any new software that is not listed in our WCM-Q catalog.
For the existing list of softwares provided in WCM-Q catalog, please refer to the Sharepoint page https://wcmq.sharepoint.com/sites/its/SitePages...